Which One is The best – 2G or 3G?


Which One is The best – 2G or 3G? 

We live in a world, in which we are surrounded by technology whether it is cooking gas, fan or air conditioners, computers or laptops, mobile phones, etc. with the use of technology we are getting introduced with variety of innovative products which are really faster and smaller than before ones. Mobile phones are no longer stick to use of communication but various other purposes like internet, sms, video calling, net surfing and many more. Have you ever think that if in this fast moving world your internet works slowly? Its quite boring to wait for a site to get open thus you prefer computer internet over mobile internet.


But our telecom companies like Vodafone, reliance communication, airtel, idea, aircel, BSNL, MTNL, etc don’t want to lose their customers thus these are introducing new and new technology to attract their new customers and can maintain existence ones. The telecom companies latest gift of technology to their customers is the invention of 3G or third generation. The best thing about 3G is that 3G telephones works on both the CDMA and GSM networks.


With the use of 3G in your mobile phones one can experience the fastest internet service in their mobile phones. The downloading, uploading and to surf the internet websites speed is very fast than the 2G or GPRS. Where as, other features of mobile phones vary from mobile phone to mobile phone for example-iphone. The main and most important of 3G is that it has the capability of transmitting the data much faster and thus save your time.


 Like everything has its pros and cons 3G also has its certain disadvantages. Whenever you go for nay product or anything which is related to technology you always think about its “pricing”. When it comes to pricing you will forget about its fast speed and think about its expensive cost which hurts your pocket to large extend. Well to afford 3G, is still your dream. Only those who have high income source and can easily spend more than 15,000 for a mobile phone. Well, a working class people can’t afford it.


Thus, the 2G phone are best for those who want to use internet at lower cost. The 2G mobile phones uses digital signal for data transmission where as 3G mobile phones uses GPS (global positioning system) which is much faster than 2G. But still 2G phones are much better than GPRS which uses analog signals. Still we should not forget that 2G has greater speed of data transmission that is better than 1G or first generation phones.


It all depend upon the user that whether we want to go with 2G or 3G. If you want speed in using your internet services always go with 3G but if you want to think about your pocket and also internet with some speed you must go with 2G.


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E-recharge vs. coupon recharge


E-recharge vs. Coupon Recharge 

Recharging your mobile phone is like the biggest trouble in this world. It is the one of the toughest task that one has to perform. But, still it is very important too at the same time. The major players of the mobile phones like airtel, reliance communication, Vodafone, idea, aircel, BSNL, MTNL, etc don’t want to lose their precious customers who use prepaid connection. Thus, they introduced e-charge or in simple language you can say the recharge through computer using internet.


But everything we use or access to has its pros and cons. Prepaid connection is the best but the only problem in using the prepaid connection is that you always need to go to market to get it recharge and it is very irritating and annoying at some time. But the most advantage of it is that you can get your cell recharge from out of your city if you are travelling anywhere and moreover one can get prepaid connection from the retailer also. You need not to go to service centers of a company you get prepaid connection like you do for the postpaid connection.


E-recharge is the best way to get your cell recharge from anywhere and anytime without going out of your home. But to get the prepaid recharge coupon you always need to go to market and wait in long clue to wait for your turn and get your cell recharged. Sometime it happens that you need to get your cell recharged very urgently but it’s late in night and you can’t find any shop to get it recharged. In that situation your phone is of no use for you.


Thus, at that time e-recharge is solution to your problem. You just need to get access with your internet and get your cell recharged from anywhere anytime you want. The best part of E-recharge is that it is easy to use as well as it take fraction of second to get your cell recharged. But one thing you need t keep in mind that to get your cell recharged through internet you have to be fully aware with internet, how to use it, different site to get your cell recharged and out of them which is best. It confuses you sometimes. Also, the ones who don’t know to access the internet can’t use this facility or can’t take the advantage of this technology.


Also, there is a chance that many people don’t use internet facility. Thus, there are the ones who need to get an internet connection to use this facility. It can prove to be quite expensive at that time. Also, there are chances that sometime your internet doesn’t work what will you do in that case you need to go to market to get your cell recharged .thus, at that point of time there is no use of e-recharge.


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Your Company’s short cut to success- Short Codes



While text message or SMS, as it is popularly called, has grown in leaps and bounds its sibling, the voice message has been handed out a step motherly treatment. Though voice SMS has several advantages over text SMS it remains underutilized and abandoned in many parts of the world. There are various reasons. For mobile advertisers it simply doesn’t make a sensible option and for normal users the idea of actually recording a message puts them off instantly.

Although text SMS has a disadvantage of typing via miniature keyboards, it still remains the preferred choice of many. On the other hand voice SMS does not involve any text input, saving the user from the painful process of typing content.

Another advantage a voice SMS has over conventional text SMS is the “emotion” factor attached to it, due to its inherent nature. Sending voice SMS in different languages is another plus point.

Here is how a voice SMS works.

1. User punches the prefix number and the person’s mobile number.

2. He conveys the message vocally.

3. The recipient will immediately receive an alert through SMS text message.

Bulk SMS is the new buzz word in the world of mobile advertising. It is used aggressively to promote products, services and is considered one of the most powerful tools in the hands of these companies.

Bulk SMS literally means sending SMS to a large number of people. Marketers send them to potential customers for various reasons but mostly for publicity. Sending out SMS to thousands of people is possible with the help of SMS gateways that are provided by network operators.

The whole process is simple and easy to setup. This system can be run from various platforms such as websites, desktops and hand-held devices. The three step process of creating text SMS, adding recipients and sending it to the targeted recipients takes little time. Within minutes thousands of people suddenly become aware of your product launch or a promotional scheme your company is offering. In short bulk SMS is the most preferred SMS solution across the globe.

SMS short codes are five digit numbers that mobile advertising companies use to interact with their customers. Some of the industries which use this facility are television (for reality & contest programs), radio stations and of course various other manufacturing & trading organizations. Short code numbers are catchy and easy to remember unlike mobile phone numbers. A typical example would be something like this: 82828.

These short codes form an integral part of mobile marketing companies. They are used to interact with customers by sending them promotional offers, discount coupons and various other propositions. These interactive SMS marketing techniques literally provoke recipients to respond. And the task becomes easier when the receiver sees a short number, which slowly becomes familiar over a period of time.

Short codes are used to send text SMS to prospective customers with the sole aim of engaging them in some kind of activity which will help boost product, service or a brand name.

Virtual mobile number


Virtual mobile number – A great customer interactivity tool 

Virtual mobile number has become an important telecommunication tool today. Its biggest advantage; messages and calls received on them can be forwarded to any mobile number. It provides a great opportunity for organizations who want to remain discreet at the same time continue to remain in touch with their customers.

Typically, a virtual mobile number is used by corporations or companies to send bulk SMS text messages as advertising campaigns.

A normal mobile number is used for day to day communication while a virtual mobile number is used for SMS marketing and a variety of interactive services involving people from different walks of life.

Some of the uses of virtual mobile number are as follows.

1. Mass SMS (Generally used by mobile advertising companies)

2. Television reality shows (For voting)

2. Building API for international calling.

Bulk SMS service providers are entities that provide setup for sending bulk SMS or group SMS for marketing and advertising purpose. This facility is offered on a number of platforms such as websites, desktops and hand held devices.

The setup is simple to operate and involves a three step process. The first step is to compose a marketing campaign in the form of a text message. The second step is to choose recipients from the database. The final step is to press the send button. Within minutes thousands of potential customers will receive the message giving your product or your newly launched service instant recognition and boost in terms of sales.

Typically, bulk SMS service provider uses SMS gateways to send your message.

There are several issues to be considered before opting for any SMS bulk service provider. It is an important decision; the said provider should be cost effective, reliable, genuine and should be able to provide 24 X 7 technical support.

SMS not only makes our life easy but provides an efficient way of communicating with friends and colleagues and that too in a discreet way. It is cheap, flexible and allows users to send and receive messages instantly even if one is busy in a conference or riding in a car.

It is not only preferred by teenagers, even corporate workers use it to co-ordinate with their superiors; to keep them posted on various subjects.

On the other hand marketers or mobile advertising companies use 2 way SMS to get instant feedback from customers or engage them in some way, like television game shows or talent competitions. Such an activity builds a strong and a long-lasting customer loyalty.

2 way SMS uses short codes of 5-6 digits. It is not only easy to remember but the format is quite catchy. For example, 52525 or 25252 can be used as short codes. Common Short Code Administration is the authority that issues these numbers. Short codes along with keywords form a great combination in managing multiple accounts with a same short code.

2 way SMS also plays an important role in providing information on demand.

ZTE launches two models of 3G data card in India


ZTE has launched two models of the 3G data card in India available with 14.4 mbps download speed which is a WiFi enabled hotspot and 7.2 mbps download speed respectively.
Both Data cards can connect to USB port of a tablet and laptop. The data card with 14.4 mbps download speed has an option to connect with a USB charger and the connection can be shared via WiFi with up to 5 devices.
ZTE has collaborated with Digilife Distribution and Marketing Services, a 100% subsidiary of HCL Infosystems Ltd., for channel distribution and Flipkart.com for its online sales.
To begin with the data card with 14.4 mbps speed will be available through Flipkart.com whereas the data card with 7.2 mbps download speed will be available through both, channel partner and online. The cost of   the data card with 14.4 mbps download speed  is Rs. 2250 whereas   the data card with 7.2 mbps download speed is Rs. 1799.

Yuan Kang, Director Terminals Business, ZTE India said “We are excited to enter the Indian Open Market with our first two products and we hope to introduce more devices in the future.  India is an important market for ZTE and this is our first step to enter the open market and cater to the needs of the masses with ZTE’s innovative products”.

Idea continues its obsession with 3G smartphones, launches first Jelly Bean dual-SIM device Aurus 2 at Rs 6,490


Idea Cellular has once again proved that it is bullish when it comes to launching 3G, smartphones and that too below Rs 8,000 price tag. The company on Thursday launched one more smartphone Aurus 2 in the same category at Rs 6,490
Before this Idea had launched five 3G smartphones-Idea Zeal, Idea Ivory, Idea Aurus, ID 918 and Idea Blade- all in sub-Rs 8,000 category. The company claimed good response from these launches. Idea said that it has already sold over 300,000 3G smartphones over the last one year.
The dual-SIM Aurus 2 runs on Android 4.1 OS dual-SIM phone and powered with a 1 GHz processor and offers video-calling facility.
It comes with a 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen with superior display that supports 320 x 480 pixel resolution.  The device boasts of high internal memory of 4GB ROM along with 512 MB RAM. The smartphone sports a 3.2 megapixel camera with digital zoom along with a front facing VGA camera and supports video calling.
The company said that with the new 3G smartphone it is wooing existing 2G users who wish to upgrade to 3G in semi-urban and rural markets, across the country.
Idea Aurus 2 is a delight for those who wish to stay connected and active on their social network as it offers easy access to Gmail and other basic social networking activities on this device. Users can enjoy thousands of applications supported on the latest Android technology, Jelly Bean.  
Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer – Idea Cellular, said, “Idea focuses on bringing the best of 3G technology at affordable price to our subscribers, thereby maintaining an equilibrium between both cost and technology”
Aurus 2 offers entertainment, e-mail connectivity, social networking, and browsing of smart apps and widgets.

Samsung Galaxy S4 coming to India on April 26, rumored to be priced below Rs 40,000


amsung Galaxy S4, which now make its debut on April 26 and if rumors are be believed it will have sub-40,000 price tag, although it is believed to be priced at Rs 42,000.

The device which was launched with huge fanfare on March 14 runs on Android 4.2.2 OS. It was launched  at New York’s famous Radio City Music Hall, international officials declared its official roll out with a staggering 327 operators across 155 countries with the official release date being April 26 – 2013.

It has a 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 441 ppi. It weighs 130g and is 7.9 mm thick; it’s slimmer than its predecessor.

It comes with an internal memory of 16GB, expandedable up to 64GB, and has 2GB RAM. It has a 2600 mAh battery which is 20 per cent larger than that of the S III.

Last month tradus.com had announced its pre-booking in India. It had said that customer needed to make the advanced booking with a fixed amount of Rs 999 and the balanced amount would be paid by the customers only when the phone is launched on the site.